Fire Safety

Fire Watch Program

The purpose of the Fire Watch program is to provide requirements for an owner or responsible party when adequate egress is not available, when demolition of a building with hazardous conditions exists, or when a fire alarm or sprinkler system are in disrepair or nonfunctional. Personnel will conduct periodic patrols of the entire facility every 15 minutes if the facility has people sleeping, is an institutional facility or an occupied assembly facility. Facilities not meeting the previous conditions shall be patrolled every 30 minutes.  Requirement consists of the following....


  •  Fire watch personnel shall have access to one approved means of communication.

  • Fire watch personnel must know the exact address of the property and how to report a fire or other emergency condition by calling 9-1-1.

  •  Fire watch personnel shall be familiar with the buildings and property and have an accepted written plan for patrolling the property.

  •  Fire watch personnel shall be trained in the use of fire extinguishers shall have access to all facility fire extinguishers and know their location.

  •  Fire watch personnel shall have knowledge of and be trained in the facilities evacuation plan in the event of a fire. They shall be able to communicate with non-English speaking residents well enough to give an evacuation order.

  •  Fire watch personnel shall not be permitted, while on duty, to perform any other duties.

  •  Fire watch personnel shall not be impaired and shall remain awake and alert at all times.

  •  Fire watch personnel shall keep a log of fire watch related activities. The log shall include; address of the facility, time of each patrol, name of the fire watch person, notes for other related activities performed.

Fire Watch Procedure Log

Fire Watch Procedure Form